Thursday, June 7, 2012

Easy DIY Tie Dye Shoes

Easiest tie dye you will ever do! 

You will need:
-Pair of white canvas athletic shoes (I got mine from Payless for $15!)

-Washable markers, I prefer the fatter Crayola markers. You will need at least three complimenting colors. I used blue, purple, and green. Yellow, red and orange would be cute as well. Try to avoid black or brown. (They don't look as good when they bleed!)

-A Straw


Step 1: 
-Pick your three colors (I used purple, green, and blue) and draw on the shoes. I used mostly sqiggles, lines, and a few shapes. Leave about a centimeter or so of space between the designs, remember, the more you draw on them, the more color your shoes will have! I went over each design 2-3 times to make sure that it would have enough ink to bleed over the canvas.

Step 2: 
-I went outside for this step! Take your straw, water, and shoes and head for a place you don't mind getting a little wet. Plugging one end of your straw, draw up a bit a water and release over your shoes. It takes some time and patience, but definitely worth it. I finished this step in about 15 minutes.

**HELPFUL TIP: I used big drops of water on each part of my shoes and massaged it in with my fingers. The more you "play" with the ink and make it bleed, the more of a tie-dyed look you will get. (Your fingers get a little messy with this step, but you're using washable marker!)

The longer you let it sit, the more it bleeds together! 
Step 3:
-Let your shoes dry over night! They will be ready to wear in the morning! 

Fun Tips:
-I did each tongue a different color, by scribbling quite a bit of ink on each one and getting it extra wet...It helped the ink bleed into the tongue.

-Take the laces out! I didn't realize that it would make it easier until about half way through, definitely made it easier to get to, and around the eyelets (duh!)

-Don't be afraid to get messy! Honestly, the more you work the color into the canvas with your fingers, the more of a tie dyed look you achieve. 

Thanks for hanging out with me and my first adventure! 
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  1. you have some great ideas! i love this- i am going to try iou!t with my granddaughter!. the zebra cake looks like fun too! thank y

    1. Thanks for stopping by! Let me know how it goes, have fun!

  2. Doesn't it wash out if you step in water.. ?

  3. Yeah wouldn't it wash out? That's why I'm going to use Sharpies!

  4. Can't you also use Achol?

  5. I've never seen it done like this, only with sharpies and alcohol. Could you use those markers and alcohol?

  6. I actually recommend getting the shoes wet before you put on the marker, and then obviously, put the marker on, and follow the rest of the instructions.

    Along with that, I had no white shoes, so I used tan-ish/grey-ish shoes, and they turned out amazing.